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We’re very fortunate to know these people. They’ve been invited to join this site because of their reputations as vintage motorcycle experts.  They each have a specialty. Feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions. They’ll be happy to share information with you based on their knowledge and experience.



Leonardo Lopez Mobilia

Born in Peru of Argentinean parents, Leonardo (Leo) is fluent in Spanish, German and English. His passion, and his area of expertise,  is Spanish, European and Japanese antique bikes. He currently works as a concept designer of motorcycles and automobiles. His designs have won awards world wide.

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John Wright

John Wright is 76 years young, spent many years in the military, and is retired from the power company. He has devoted his retirement to bringing old Japanese bikes back from the dead. He is an artist, and some of the bikes he has restored, and often re-interpreted, look better than when they were new. He can only restore bikes while listening to traditional country music from the ’60s and ’70s. Here is one of his stories in his own words:
“I met him when I saw his RD 250 advertised in the local motorcycle trader and we hit it off. My huge regret is that I didn’t buy the bike to preserve such a reliable performer. I got scared when I saw the mileage. Bike still looked great though. I guess the guy who bought it didn’t care about the miles as he probably rebuilt the whole thing to race. We went on a cross county desert bike trip from Las Vegas to the middle of nowhere off road and he kept up with the best of us. Roads with 1000 foot drop offs and boulders that you couldn’t see until the last second and washed out road beds. Tough guy”.

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Nick Bourne

In his own words: A slightly confused English guy now living in Vancouver, BC, Canada and enjoying life.

I like all types of bikes be they street or enduro/trail, but not really into English bikes, they may look good but anyone who knows English bikes knows “if there’s no oil under them, there’s no oil in them”.

Acting slightly older than my actual age, I like bikes particularly from the ’60s and early ’70s, bikes with character which deserve to be used and be out there as they have lasted this long.

Not so much as a restorer of bikes, more of a preserver, other than time with my family, there is nothing better than listening to an old motorbike which has been “asleep” for 30 years ……..


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Marcus Miller

Owner of Miller’s Motorcycles. Marcus has been collecting and restoring bikes from an early age. He is a motorcycle broker for special orders. His unique gift is being able to locate that “extinct” motorcycle somewhere in the world for you. He might even have what you are looking for in his extensive personal collection.

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