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Do I now have to have an open mind?

April 19, 2013 by millsco



Marcus Miller’s letter Published November’s [2007] MPN

Dear Robin:

Oh my. Do I now have to have an open mind and reevaluate this? No, I don’t think so. I am not buying this philosophy. I wonder how many dealers test ride each bike after a tire change to see if they didn’t put on a blem tire themselves. Obviously Mr. Smith didn’t test ride the customer’s bike with the factory blem when they originally put on the customer-supplied tire. So now I guess his answer is that all bikes will get a high speed test ride after each dealer-supplied-tire change? That might open up a new can of worms, as well as waste technician time, and then the reward would be having the customer “who we are so afraid of” say that there is now a tick in the engine, or a scratch on the tank that was never there before the test ride. You can’t eliminate every possible risk. It is a risky sport. We could have gone into the golf cart business. Then we could install bald blems, and we’d be able to take the customer’s money, and, as a bank robber once said after he asked for the cash, “nobody gets hurt.” I would love to see some real numbers on how often a dealer is sued in this type of situation. My guess is that it wouldn’t be a meaningful number. I am going to stick with my premise that service is the most important thing. I would think the tire manufacturer would be liable in Mr. Smith’s case anyway if it was a recognizable brand.


Have a price for tires in your shop that includes installation. Have a separate price for installation only. Make it high if you want. Have them sign a release, and take a photo of them signing, with a thumb print, DNA swab, and a retinal scan, if your lawyer says so. Keep your liability insurance high, and make people happy to come to see you. If times get bad, it will be the dealers who went a bit out of their way that the customers will remember and patronize. If you are afraid of the world and your customers, then move back into mom and dad’s basement, and sell junk on ebay.


Marcus Miller


Do I Now Have To Have An Open Mind?

April 19, 2013


by rel=”author”>Marc Miller

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